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Welcome to my personal photo gallery! Unlike my general photo album, my photo gallery was started to display some of my better photographs that either I or my friends thought deserved extra attention! If you discover some other photo in my general photo album that you think deserves to be on this page, please let me know! Enjoy!

NOTE: I have tried to provide the photographs in a wide-variety of resolutions to suit your needs! For simple on-screen viewing, 640x480 or 1024x768 should work best. For wall-papering your desktop, try 1024x768 or 1600x1200. If you want to make a print of the photo, I would recommend starting with at least 1600x1200.

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  Title: San Francisco From Treasure Island
Date (Time): May 20, 2003 (9:15pm)
Parameters: ISO 100 / f2.0 / 3sec
Camera: Sony DSC-F717
Location: At Treasure Island Facing San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Available in: [300x117][800x312][1024x399][1600x624][2560x999]

On a sky clear Tuesday evening after work, I decided to head up to Treasure Island since I had never been there before. Amongst the tourists and in the nippy air, I was able to experiment with different settings, trying to capture the beauty of the San Francisco cityscape. In this photo, I experimented with cropping to gain a panoramic-feel to the shot.

  Title: Dirt Road At Crissy Field
Date (Time): March 29, 2003 (5:52pm)
Parameters: ISO 100 / f4.0 / 1/500sec
Camera: Sony DSC-F717
Location: Alongside Crissy Field (San Francisco, CA)
Available in: [225x300][480x640][768x1024][1200x1600][1674x2232]

I had a slight hiatus from hiking and photography since I bought my house so I decided to take advantage of a clear Saturday afternoon to visit Crissy Field up near Golden Gate Bridge. A little too touristy for my taste, but I was lucky to catch this shot which I think just looks very interesting! The reason the maximum size is a little smaller is because this is the first photo I actually did some cropping on.

  Title: Overlooking Bay From Berkeley Fire Trail
Date (Time): March 22, 2003 (4:14pm)
Parameters: ISO 100 / f3.5 / 1/1000sec
Camera: Sony DSC-F717
Location: Along Berkeley Fire Trail (Berkeley, CA)
Available in: [300x225][640x480][1024x768][1600x1200][2560x1920]

This ended up being a slightly rushed hike and photo session. I wasn't able to hike up the entire length of the fire trail as I had hoped. However, it is fortunate the trail was nice and dry! Occasionally, I had an excellent view of the bay and I thought this shot in particular had a good contrast of near and far objects.

  Title: Bay Bridge (Night) From Coit Tower
Date (Time): February 20, 2003 (10:54pm)
Parameters: ISO 100 / f2.2 / 3sec
Camera: Sony DSC-F717
Location: Base of Coit Tower (San Francisco, CA)
Available in: [300x225][640x480][1024x768][1600x1200][2560x1920]

On this evening, it was "sky clear" in the Bay Area and I had some extra energy. So I headed up to San Francisco to take some night shots! On the recommendation of a friend, I chose Coit Tower and practiced my night photography techniques. I took this particular shot just as I noticed the moon rising over the Bay Bridge!

  Title: At The Foot Of Mount Diablo
Date (Time): February 9, 2003 (11:35am)
Parameters: ISO 100 / f4.0 / 1/200sec
Camera: Sony DSC-F717
Location: Mount Diablo State Park (Clayton, CA)
Available in: [300x225][640x480][1024x768][1600x1200][2560x1920]

This shot was taken while I was hiking at Mount Diablo. As I was just starting up the foot of the mountain, I saw this passage way of trees and thought it would make a nice "gateway" shot! Too bad I caught a bit of lens flare from the sun!

Update (022303): Credit/Thanks go to Stephanie Law for helping me remove the lens flare which is now no longer visible!

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